NetWatch Global are specialists in the field of Online Risk Management and Data Safeguarding, who present a number of bespoke services created specifically for clients of Charles Porter. Providing online risk analysis services for high net worth and influential individuals, Netwatch is part of the Surveillance Group Ltd, the UK’s largest and most successful covert surveillance and investigation company.

NetWatch have developed unique software, currently being utilised by some of the UK’s largest companies to monitor and assess their exposure to risk. The NetWatch Global Online Risk analysis is the first port of call for individuals and families wishing to better understand their exposure to risk, and take the first steps to privacy and safety.

With the help of NetWatch Global, you can experience total peace of mind, knowing that your private life stays private, and that your family is kept safe.

Staff Due Diligence

A popular singer had recently taken on a new household cleaning team, a month into their appointment NetWatch carried out a due diligence review on them and found that a number of the staff had been taking pictures from inside the singers house and uploading them to social media. One had also posed in an expensive necklace for a selfie. The NetWatch due diligence findings meant that these issues could be dealt with before there were any major issues.


A Premier League footballer came to NetWatch after receiving abusive messages online. Netwatch were quickly able to uncover the abusers real identity so that the threats could be stopped as quickly as possible.

Phone Hacking

Every week NetWatch conducts hundreds of reports in regard to personal data. We help you ensure that your details simply aren’t available, so that they can’t be easily obtained by journalists or those with malicious intent.



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